Leading the Way in E-Waste Recycling: CompuCycle’s Innovative Approach to Corporate, Enterprise, and Business E-Waste

hard drive sanitation and it asset disposal, refurbish, resell, and recycle

E-waste, or electronic waste, is one of the fastest-growing waste streams globally, posing significant environmental and data security challenges. As businesses increasingly rely on electronic devices for operations, the proper disposal and recycling of outdated or broken electronics become crucial. Effective e-waste recycling not only conserves valuable resources but also protects sensitive data from potential…

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New Concrete Service Launches In The Houston Area

concrete contractors

Houston Texas – Concrete contracting company, Wood Construction Services launches new service in the Houston Texas region in August. Wood Construction Services is an independent concrete contracting firm that specializes in driveway, sidewalk, and patio concrete repair and installation. “The concrete around our homes and businesses should enhance the beauty of our properties and make…

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Houston’s Best Small Business Bank

Are you Looking for a Local, Community Bank in Houston? Each year, the Independent Community Bankers of America shines a light on Community Banks and what it means to be a Community Bank. Allegiance Bank is proud to serve our customers as one of  Houston’s largest community small business banks. Community banks invest in their community and…

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What Is A Group Purchasing Organization

A group purchasing organization (GPO) allows any business to join a group of other buyers who are interested in the same products and services. They combine their purchasing power and influence to negotiate special reduced pricing and other perks. GPO’s tend to be a combined group of businesses in a specific industry. There are group purchasing…

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Houston’s Hottest Cover Band: Unleashing the Rock & Roll Fury with Sector-A

Houston cover band - live music party band

Looking for a cover band in Houston that’ll blow you away? Look no further than Sector-A, a dynamic trio packing a sound that defies their size. Forget the limitations of a small band – Sector-A utilizes a masterful blend of electronic drums, keyboards, and guitars to create a wide, immersive soundscape that fills any venue. Their energy is infectious, seamlessly transitioning between…

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Private Equity Firm, Jones Capital, Acquires Rockport Terminals

private equity investment

Houston, TX – Private equity firm Jones Capital (Jones) recently announced the acquisition of Rockport Terminals (Rockport), one of the largest private intermodal terminals on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Rockport Terminals is strategically located within 28 miles of the fast-growing Port of Corpus Christi, but outside of the Port’s tariff zone. With more than 250 acres of industrial…

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